Girovac Ltd

GVPDK2.5 2.5M3/Hr

The Girovac range of two stage oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed to be used in a wide range of Scientific, Industrial and Laboratory applications. They can be run continuously from atmospheric pressure to ultimate vacuum, exhibit low noise levels and are extremely robust.

  • Two stage Vacuum Pump.
  • Continuous operation from Atmospheric Pressure to Ultimate Vacuum >10-3 Mbar.
  • Anti Suckback facility prevents oil suck back after shutdown.
  • Gas Ballast standard for pump protection. See info sheet
  • Pumps can be easily fitted with inlet and outlet protection accessories.



Pumping Speed 42l/Min 2.5M3/Hr
Ultimate Pressure Gas Ballast Closed 3x10-3 Torr 5x10-3 Mbar
Gas Ballast Open 5x10-2 Torr 6.5x10-2 Mbar
Power Options 220VAC/380VAC 3Ph 50/60Hz
Full Load Power 120Kw (0.2Hp)
Motor Speed 1370rpm
Inlet Connection NW16
Outlet Connection NW16
Weight 14Kg
Oil Capacity 200cc
Ambient Operating Temp 7-40oC


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