Girovac Ltd


This model is specifically designed for the Air Con / Refrigeration sector and for Laboratory applications. This single stage pump provides optimal final pressure. Which is an ideal replacement for the SPEEDIVAC 2.

  • Oi Filled Vacuum Pump
  • Built for Air Con and Laboratories
  • Air Cooled Pump and Motor
  • IP44 Rated Enclosure
  • Quiet in Operation


Nominal Pumping speed 4.3 m3/h
Pneurop Pumping speed 4.0 m3/h
Total final pressure (abs) 0.1 mbar
Partial final pressure (ABS) 0.05 mbar
(McLeod) 37 milliTorr
Final pressure (ABS) with gas ballast 3.0 mbar
Maximum inlet pressure for water vapour 40 mbar
Maximum water vapour pumping rate 0.1 Kg/h
Motor power 0.37 KW
R.P.M 1400
Noise level 52 dB(A)
Working temperature 50 – 55°C
Oil Type GVF70
Oil Capacity 0.35 L
Weight 11 Kg



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