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The XDS100B is a scroll booster, with a pumping mechanism designed specifically to delivery high pumping speeds.

Like all booster pumps it needs to be used in conjunction with a primary pump and is ideally matched with Edwards XDS35i or XDS46i dry scroll pumps. The pump has been optimised for maximum pumping speed at inlet pressures between 1 mbar and 10 mbar.


• Clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination.
• No atmosphere to vacuum shaft seals means bearings are completely isolated, this prevents process attack and enable the bearings to run cooler and last longer.
• No oil changes eliminating cost of contaminated oil disposal.
• Simple single sided scroll design allows maintenance to be done in minutes for low cost of ownership and maximum up-time.
• Inverter drive for consistent pumping speeds worldwide.



Nominal Rotational Speed 1750 rpm.
Peak Pumping Speed 95M3/Hr
Ultimate Vacuum (depends on backing pump) -2Mbar
Max Inlet Pressure for Water Vapour 20 mbar / 15 Torr
Max Permitted Continuous Exhaust pressure 60 mbar / 45 Torr
Max Chamber Volume Pump down from Atmosphere 100 Litres
Max Chamber Volume for Cyclic Duty -   max 6 per hour 50 Litres
Max Allowed inlet and GB Pressure for Short Duration 0.5 bar gauge / 7 psig
Motor power 1-ph 520 W
Power connector 1-ph IEC EN60320 C19
Recommended fuse 10A, 250Vac rms
Weight 48.0 kg  /  105 lb
Inlet flange NW40
Exhaust flange NW40
Noise level 52.1 dB(A)
Vibration at inlet flange < 4.5 mms-1   (rms)
Leak tightness (static) < 1x10-6 mbar ls-1
Operating temperature range 10 to 40 °C  /  41 to 104 °F

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