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These gauges have a measuring range from atmosphere to 1 x 10-4 mbar and combine the gauge head and controller in one compact active unit. The well proven, cost effective and reliable Pirani range has a substantial user base with a successful track record in the measurement of rough and backing pressures across a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Wide range, regulated, internal power supply - Runs from standard dc power supplies +20 to +36 V. Tolerant to voltage fluctuations.
  • Drive electronics combined in the gauge head - Reduces the system cost. Saves valuable rack space.
  • APG-L from atmosphere to 10-4 mbar.
  • Standard analogue output 0 to 10 V dc - Easy to interface with a computer or plc. Fault output indication.
  • Adjustable set-point - For process control and interlocking. Provides vacuum status indication. Set-point level read visually or with voltmeter.
  • Low output impedance and integral Faraday shield - Provides high level of noise immunity. Permits long cable runs (up to 100 m).
  • Corrosion resistant versions available.
  • Two tube types (AI & StSt) & numerous flange types to suit customer applications.

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