Girovac Ltd


This well proven vacuum gauge features a lightweight aluminium case which can be either panel mounted or mounted directly to your vacuum systems plumbing.

  • Accuracy: Plus/Minus 2 1/2% full scale deflection.
  • Internal Volume: 160 c.c
  • Weight: 800 gm.
  • Movement: All bearing faces jewelled.

The sensing element is an Electron Beam Welded capsule which is designed to be nested in the evacuated condition.
The gauge has virtually no hysteresis & has a very repeatable performance. The movement is fitted with jewelled bearings resulting in an exceptionally smooth pointer travel. Positive pressure up to two bar will not cause damage or alter the calibration. Each instrument is individually calibrated at every cardinal point on a rising pressure, with the pressure standard used traceable to the National Physical Laboratory. Large 85mm Diameter dial for good readability.


Ordering Information:       

  3/8"B.S.P Fitting KF16 Fitting
CR2 0 - 25 mbar. CR2 0-25MBAR CR2K 0-25MBAR
CR2 0 - 50 mbar. CR2 0-50MBAR CR2K 0-50MBAR
CR2 0 - 120 mbar. CR2 0-120MBAR CR2K 0-120MBAR
CR2 0 -150 mbar. CR2 0-150MBAR CR2K 0-150MBAR
CR2 0 - 1000 mbar. CR2 0-1000MBAR CR2K 0-1000MBAR
CR2 0 - 20 torr. CR2 0-20TORR CR2K 0-20TORR
CR2 0 - 40 torr. CR2 0-40TORR CR2K 0-40TORR
CR2 0 - 100 torr. CR2 0-100TORR CR2K 0-100TORR
CR2 0 - 760 torr. CR2 0-760TORR CR2K 0-760TORR

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