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Porter Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge 10 - 1000Torr

Capacitance Manometers, Barocel or diaphragm gauges offer high accuracy and reliability, and their measurement accuracy is independent of gas type. A large range of flanges, ranges, accuracy, operating temperature, electrical connector and digital communication types are available to suit almost any vacuum application.


The INFICON Porter CDG020D Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge is a high quality, cost effective, gas type independent absolute pressure sensor.
The Porter is designed for stable long time performance in industrial environments.
The ceramic sensor provides excellent span stability over many years of maintenance free operation paired with outstanding zero stability.
The corrosion resistant single material sensor architecture guaranties excellent temperature compensation.
Fully digital electronics and small footprint defines flexibility in any integration.
The Porter vacuum gauge is humble, reliable, always available and never overpriced.


■ Excellent span stability – gas type independent
■ Corrosion resistant alumina sensor
■ Compact, smallest size in it's class
■ Easy integration, any mounting orientation
■ Digital signal processing
■ Maintenance free


■ Vacuum coating
■ Vacuum monitoring
■ Sterilization
■ Food & packaging
■ Vacuum oven, puller
■ Analytical
■ Chemical vacuum processes


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