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GVD30 Freeze Dryer

The GVD30 follows on, both the GVD30 and the GVD40 come standard with fully automated touchscreen control systems We guarantee: shelf flatness, high quality components, rapid shelf heating and cooling rates etc. Flexible use: high capacity for working with bulk materials, option to attach manifolds. Also different sizes and types of vials. Robustness: laboratory equipment with industrial finish (easy to clean, stainless steel chamber, condenser and plates) and industrial components (sensors, vacuum pump, exchangers, etc.).


 The GVD30 Freeze Dryer is a general purpose, high performance
pilot unit, featuring stainless steel shelves with internal circulating
heat transfer fluid for heating and cooling, enabling it to meet the
stringent demands of the Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
industries. The key features of this unit are its drying options
using up to six shelves with a total area of 1.95M2 and a shelf
spacing of 6Cm and a hydraulic vial stoppering device. The GVD30
is also ideal for product development and small-scale Production

The GVD30 comes with fully automatic controls as standard. The
touch screen Scada system takes full control of the whole freeze

Technical Data -55°C -85°C
Ice Condenser Capacity 35Kg 35Kg
Ice Condenser Performance 20Kg /24Hr 20Kg / 24Hr
Defrost Hot Gas Hot Gas & Electric
Shelf Dimension 50 x 65Cm 50 x 65Cm
Number of Shelves 6 + 1 6 + 1
Shelf Area 1.95M2 1.95M2
Shelf Spacing Min 6Cm Min 6Cm
Shelf Temperature Accuracy Max ±1°C Max ±1°C
Shelf Temperaure -45°C to +60°C -65°C to +60°C
Cooling System Air Cooled Air Cooled
Refrigeration Single Stage Cascade
Isolation Valve Ø20Cm Ø20Cm
Unit Dimension (H x W x D) 210 x 150 x 100Cm 210 x 150 x 100Cm
Refrigerant R507 R507 & R23

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