Girovac Ltd

GVD14 Freeze Dryer

The GVD14 freeze dryer is a steam sterilisable, high performance production freeze drier. The chamber and shelves are made from polished 316L stainless steel. Temperature control is achieved by circulating thermal fluid that can be cooled or heated as required. The GVD14 freeze drier meets the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The key features of this unit are its drying options using up to eight shelves with a total area of 3.8m2 and shelf spacing of 60 mm combined with the hydraulic vial stoppering device. The freeze drier uses 2.5bar steam pressure to achieve 135°C on all internal surfaces. The GVD14 is designed for small-scale production activities where sterilisation between processes is essential. UK Manufactured.

  • Floor standing freeze drier with new Touch Screen SCADA system.
  • Data logging and display of temperature and vacuum on real time graph.
  • Downloadable via USB.
  • 90cm diameter x 110cm deep ice condenser chamber with 80kg ice capacity. 60kg ice collection in 24 hours.
  • Up to 7 Shelves 6M2
  • Condenser temperature –85°C.

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