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GVD10 Freeze Dryer

The GVD10 offers the best performance for technology transfer activities, research and development with a 0.45m² shelf area. Easy recipe development: quality and adaptation of the temperature sensors (shelf, product and condenser) and vacuum. Temperature, pressure, time control and recipe optimisation capability. The GVD10 can be supplied in either -55ºC version or -85ºC. This lower temperature range is much more suitable for working with biological samples or products with very low eutectic or collapse points.


The GVD10 Freeze dryer is a general-purpose, high-performance unit.
Featuring Stainless Steel shelves with internal circulating heat transfer fluid
for heating and cooling. allowing it to meet the most stringent demands.
There are 2 control options available
Manual touch keypad withLCD vacuum, temperature displays and manually
operated valves. This system does come with an RS232 computer application
that can log data and control step changes giving it a simplified computer led
programmed profile to follow.
Fully automatic version, where atouch screen Scada system takes full control
of the whole freeze dryer.


Technical Data -55°C -85°C
Ice Condenser Capacity 15Kg 15Kg
Ice Condenser Performance 10Kg /24Hr 10Kg / 24Hr
Defrost Hot Gas & Electric Hot Gas & Electric
Shelf Dimension 30 x 40Cm 30 x 40Cm
Number of Shelves 4 + 1 4 + 1
Shelf Area 0.48M2 0.48M2
Shelf Spacing Min 6Cm Min 6Cm
Shelf Temperature Accuracy Max ±1°C Max ±1°C
Cooling System Air Cooled Air Cooled
Refrigeration Single Stage Cascade
Isolation Valve Ø10Cm Ø10Cm
Unit Dimension (H x W x D) 189 x 70 x 90Cm 189 x 70 x 90Cm
Refrigerant R507 R507 & R23

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