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Biotrek 3 DEWARS

The Biotrek 3 Dewars are for shipping samples in ultra cold conditions without the dangers of releasing liquid nitrogen during transit.


Internally Biotreks contain a special cryo-absorbant material which locks in liquid nitrogen to ensure that
although any samples held are not immersed in liquid nitrogen they are close as possible to liquid nitrogen
storage temperatures.

The Biotrek 10 will hold up to 5 x 100 cell cryoboxes in a specially designed rack.

A temperature Logger Alarm can be fitted to travel with the Biotrek 3 or 10 unit to provide a continuous record of
transit temperature.

A wide range of Biological specimens may be held in the Biotrek 3 while the Biotrek 10 can also accommodate
blood stem cell bags because of the extra wide neck and internal configuration.

The cryo-absorbant will hold the liquid nitrogen within the vessel no matter what orientation the Biotrek may be
during shipping.

A carrying bag for the Biotrek 3 is available for easy transport.

A shipping case is available for both the Biotrek 3.

Technical Data

No. of Canisters


Liquid Volume (litres)


Static Evaporation Rate (l/day)


Static holding time (days)


Field working time (days)


Neck diameter (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Overall diameter (mm)


Weight full (Kg)


Weight empty (Kg)


Vial capacity (canisters)


Product Features

  • Vapour phase cryogenic storage
  • Faster LN2 fill times
  • All welded aluminium construction
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Lockable lids on both units
  • No LN2 spillage
  • Conforms to IATA shipping regulation 202
  • MDD approved 93/42/EC
  • 3 Year warranty on vacuum
  • Straw and cryovial storage options
  • Dataloggers available for tracking

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