Girovac Ltd

GV-22Z 13,000 L/Sec

The Girovac range of Oil Diffusion Pumps can be used in Scientific, R&D and Medical applications where ultimate pressures < 10-4 mbar are required. They are manufactured in Stainless Steel and are mainly water cooled although some smaller models can be supplied air cooled. Pumping speeds are from 150l/sec to 18500 l/sec. There is an option to include an in line baffle on most models. These pumps will run well with Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil



Without Baffle L/Sec 13,000
With Baffle 7,200
Ultimate Pressure with Baffle Mbar 1.3x10-7
Heater Power   220v 1Ph 10.0Kw
Warm Up Time Min 45
Oil Filling   DC704, 4,000cc
Cooling   Water Cooling
Oil Backstream Mg/cm3/Min 2.0X10-4
Inlet Size   VG550
Outlet Size   VG200
Weight Kg 430





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